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Where we strive for excellence in healthcare. Healthcare the way it was meant to be, where the whole health, well-being, and interest of my patients come first.

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Lauren S. Rosen, MD

A Letter to My Patients

I am delighted to tell you about my new personalized medicine practice, LSR Wellness — which opened in October, 2021 at 551 W Lancaster Ave, Suite 205, Haverford.

In addition to providing you comprehensive and personalized medical care, we are able to focus more on disease prevention and healing through fitness, nutrition, sleep, and social/emotional health — all fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle.

By using such a model, it has been shown patients have fewer hospitalizations, less need for specialist referrals, and require less medication, while also feeling more in control of their own health. Because this model eliminates the rush of an overbooked schedule, I can take more time to understand your history and goals for your future, as well as partner with you to help you meet those goals.

I am confident my new practice will redefine your expectations for medical care.

Dr. Lauren Rosen

What Does Joining us At LSR Wellness Mean for You?

You will enjoy many important benefits not typically found in medical practices today. These benefits are designed specifically to create better health and vitality for you. To provide this level of personalized and comprehensive primary care, I will be caring for a limited number of patients. This is possible through a membership fee covering an extended exam and additional services that are not covered by insurance.

Why Make a Change?

Changes in healthcare have made it difficult for physicians to provide the high quality, individualized care every person deserves. Demands from insurance and regulatory agencies have eroded face-to-face time between patients and their physician. As this is not sustainable long-term for many reasons, I have designed my new practice to allow enough time together – to focus on wellness, disease prevention, and personalized management of your medical conditions. I will be directly involved in every level of your care and better able to put the utmost focus on the patient-physician relationship.

I believe this is vital to providing excellent medical care.

As a member of LSR Wellness, you have:

How to Continue As My Patient

Your membership includes an annual comprehensive physical exam that is in addition to insurance-covered or Medicare-covered annual wellness visits. It incorporates screening and diagnostic tests, and focuses on nutrition, fitness, healthy sleep, social/emotional wellness, and stress management. We will also determine a personalized schedule for regular follow up of your medical concerns.

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10 Things I Believe

  1. My patients let me into their lives and trust me with their care — which allows me to make a direct and positive impact on their health.
  2. Slowing down and listening always yields the best information and results.
  3. I can help best if I know who you are and what matters to you.

  4. It’s all about the relationship between doctor and patient.

  5. Taking the time to be thorough and connect the dots is essential to both getting and keeping people healthy.
  1. There is clear therapeutic value to knowing your doctor and the office staff are available whenever you need us.
  2. A primary care practice can be your true “medical home” — and the starting point for getting healthier.
  3. We can often avoid unnecessary tests, medications and extra health care visits by just having time for a thoughtful conversation.
  4. Questions are good — it’s how you understand a medical issue, ease your mind, and carve out your path to better health.
  5. The human body and retaining our health are complex. Often you do better with support and understanding — in a language that makes sense.

Couldn’t be better. Dr Rosen gives so much time — and compassion and understanding. She’s a great listener.
– Steven

Dr. Rosen is not only a great practitioner, but she takes time to explain and dialogue about your health.
– Sharon

Dr. Rosen is the best. She is professional, the benchmark for excellent health care. I am so lucky to have her as my primary care physician.
– James

Dr. Rosen is what all physicians should aspire to be — wise, kind, gentle, is an educator, and she cares!!!
– Carla